The Day our Heroes Won!

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So today our heroes have to make a choice do the come out and say who they are or let everyone get taken. Ronda said,”Rhoda I’m scared what do we do?” Rhoda said,”don’t be scared believe in yourself and me. We can do this!” So Rhoda said with her megaphone voice. This was a new power by the way. She tells the villain who’s name was The Ring Master. Let’s take this where nobody will get hurt! So with a wave of his hand and his henchmen took all the people out the tent. It was time to see what our heroes are made of! Rhoda flow up to the top of the tent Ronda ran to the middle of the center ring where The Ring Master showed himself. Clowns came out of nowhere juggling with knifes and in small cars. Now our heroes were surrounded and out numbered and looking like it was all over before it began. Just then the top of the tent ripped off and our heroes friends showed up to help! The fight was grand. Ring Master uses the power darkness to hide behind Rhoda but as he tried to grab her Ronda shined light from her power belt and he fell to the ground where he was quickly tied up with the ropes. Now it’s time to take care of all the clowns fighting our heroes friends. One by one all the clowns went down. Now that all the villains were taken care of. It’s time to get them out of their and send them to safe place where could do no harm. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened to all the people at the circus.

The Day The Circus Came To Town!

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We made it!,yelled Rhoda. Mom asked,”so what do we do first; Monster Mountain,Snake Shake or Tumble Toni?” Dad says I’ll just stay in the car thank you very much.” I told you was a scaredy cat”,Rhoda said. Well I would love to get something to eat I’m so hungry Dad said. So off to get something to eat,grab a map and set off of a family fun adventure! All the ride in the park look so much fun. Some of the rides when up and down some went side to side. Some of the rides even went backwards. Some even had big drops and small drops. They had ride for big kids and even babies! This place has everything you could think of. They even had a giant pool. This is truly a wonderful place to be today. Mom and Dad did a great job picking this wonderful place. As the family was getting something to eat Ronda saw small circus. So Mom and Dad gathered all there things and headed for The circus. They had tigers and monkeys also elephants. Look Ronda said they have guys on motorcycles when the lights went out and a weird smoke started coming out from under everyone’s sits. Everyone started falling asleep. All but our heroes. A man on a loud speaker said I know you two are in here show yourselves or everyone will be my prisoner! Tune in tomorrow to find out why this is happening!

Haunted House Fun!

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Today was a very special day Mom and Dad are taking the girl to the amusement park and Rhoda can’t wait to go because she really love the Haunted house. She sang all the way to the park,”I just can’t wait to see how scared Ronda will be when the monsters come out to play lalalala dededede!” Ronda was excited too. She couldn’t wait to get the cotton candy and the funnel cakes with that tasty powder sugar that Ronda loves so much. Rhoda asked,”hey Ronda do you think we will be able to get Dad on any of the rides this time?” Hahaha Ronda laughed, No! You and I know Dad is a big ol scary cat.” “We are here!”Ronda yells out.”Let’s go!”, Rhoda screams as the family gets out the car. Tune in Monday! Have a blessed weekend everyone.

The Storm Before The Play!

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So Ronda call her dad outside to see how much the winds changed. “Hey Dad now we can fly our kites!”, said Ronda. Rhoda was so excited that Dad was happy that she started to blow to hard and a storm began to happen! Ronda ran to help clam Rhoda down and to stop the storm from blowing the house down. Dad was sad again so Mom said we could play games inside instead. This made Dad very happy. So everyone got games to play and so the family played games all day and that night after dinner the family sat around the tv and watched movies till bed time. Now that the family has had their time for play. Bath time fun then bed. Rhoda has fun making swirls of little bubbles like small clouds in the water when mom call five minutes to bed. Rhoda’s turn come and she has fun make the water float out of the tub and into the air. She takes a floating bath which makes her very happy as Mom calls out two minutes girls. The girls head for bed after kissing Mom and Dad goodnight. What a great day and night their family had. Stay tuned to see all the adventures to come.

A Great Day To Fly A Kite!

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Today is a great day to be outside. Their is only one problem Rhoda and Ronda’s dad and mom want to fly kites however the wind isn’t blowing. This makes dad very sad. Rhoda knows a way to help but if she does will anyone know it’s her that is making the wind? Rhoda says to Rhoda,” can we treat mom and dad into flying kites today?” I’ll make the wind so we can fly our kites.” Ronda said,” that sounds like a great idea! I will have them focused on me and the kites and you make the wind.the day will be saved!” Mom called Ronda inside. Mom need Ronda’s help baking two of Dads favorite pies for dinner. “Rhoda’s it’s your turn to set the table and go shopping with mom.,”Ronda said. As the girls set out to handle their chores. Rhoda wondered to herself how could she make dad happy and fly kites today?Tune into tomorrow to find out how this will turn out!

Frozen Time!

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Now that we have eaten and rested up can someone please tell me that we can leave now!”,Rhoda said. Ronda says,”this is a very nice ship but our mom and dad will miss us so now is a great time to head home. Time-Master adds,” by the time you two get home AFTER your training,it would have only been one afternoon earth time but up here it would be more like two weeks…give or take a day or two.” Rhoda said wow can you really do that Time Master?”” Well yes and no. Yes I can freeze time and turn back time but the ship is doing most of the hard work. You see we are moving so fast that time around us is moving very slowly.”, Time Master said. With that being said the girls began their training. At the end of their trainings both girls found that they had new powers and they could do so much more to help protect people.

A Big Wonderful ShipShip!

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What a day this is turning out to be! Rhoda and Ronda start training with the other superheroes. Rhoda and Ronda want to be the best superheroes they can be. Our heroes find themselves at a beautiful field with the mountains in the far off distance. This was just a wonderful place to be, this was a place where you can let loose all your powers and no one could get hurt. So one of the superheroes named black crow and he had the power of mass and flight. He was part of the welcome party. He took them around the ship. Yes that’s right they where on a very special spaceship. This ship and all its wonderful abilities will be given to you as long as you stay on it said black crow be the way we call her Ship Ship and she can hear you and talk back to you if you ask her a question but For now you can rest here,grab something to eat and we will start training in the morning. Tune in next time to find out how the training goes!

The day Rhoda wake up!

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One day Ronda ran into her Mom and Dads room excited because Rhoda looks like she trying to wake up. Rhoda was in a deep deep sleep. Mom ran into her room sat down by her bed and began to try waking her up. Rhoda wakes very slowly and asked her mother if everything is ok and is she mad at her about her Super powers? Rhoda’s mom says,”baby what are you talking about Super powers, what Super powers?” Rhoda says that her and Ronda where superheroes and how they had been saving the day for months now. Mom explains that Rhoda was very sick and that the doctors where unsure when she was going to wake up but it was only a few days. That’s why Ronda ran and got her because it looked like you was trying to wake up. We sat around your bed and prayed for you to be ok. Rhoda was still a little fuzzy in her head and wonder how she got sick in the first place. Ronda walks into the room and mom says”, I’ll just just you guys a chance to catch up.” Rhoda ask,”Ronda how did I get sick?” Stay tuned to find out what happened to Rhoda.


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Well today Rhoda and Ronda find out that they are from a different earth. Why are our superheroes here,how did they get here? Rhoda and Ronda have so many questions that need answers. “Where to start?”, mom says. “Well one day I was sitting on the porch waiting for my pies to cool for dads dinner when I saw a big flash of light and a woman carrying two beautiful baby girls appeared and explained how our world needed heroes to one day save it from distraction! She told me that she could see into the future and into different worlds. when she saw ours she knew we needed to be saved. She said that when the time was right you two would work together and know what to do!”,said Mom. Rhoda said, “Saving the world, two earths…wow that’s a lot to understand so for now we will just keep on fighting to save the people we love!”

The day Mom shows her hand!

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What a day this is turning out to be!
Rhoda and Ronda wake up to save the planet from a meteor shower. Two monsters show up out of nowhere. Mom and dad tell them they have known about their super powers this whole time! They where just waiting for Rhoda to tell them about it themselves. Mom tells Rhoda a story about the day she found them and where they come from. She shares with Rhoda and Ronda about all the other types of earths their are and which one they are from. Rhoda just doesn’t understand what her mom is saying. They have lived there all their lives what could she be talking about! Tune in next time to find out.