Happy Memorial Day

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Thank you to all those who gave up their life for our freedom. We appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you thank all those that serve. Thank you for your service. Here is food for thought. Our freedom wasn’t free. God Bless

Think Before You Speak

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Rhonda is always taking Rhoda’s stuff and she’s sick of it. Rhoda can’t wait until her sister comes from school so she can give her a piece of her mind. It seems like the right thing to do said Rhoda. I don’t care if I hurt her feelings. In this lesson Rhoda will learn to think before she speaks . Join us to see how the story goes.

There is Power in Prayer

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Jack and Jill need to finish a task but there are so many obstacles trying to stop them from succeeding. Do you have a dream? If so are you chasing that dream or did you let it die? In this skit Jack realised that there is power in prayer but is afraid that his friends will make fun of him if he believes in God. Jesus said “we are the light of the world” so will Jack hide his light or let it burn real bright? So go write that book, buy that house or start that new business. With God all things are possible.

Vacation Bible School

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Summer time is almost here and school is out give the kids something fun to do. Our puppet workshops will engage them from beginning to end. Our workshops will Engage from beginning to end. The children use their creativity and imagination as they customize and create their puppets. So don’t delay book a puppet workshop today.

Puppet Workshop

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This is what the puppet looks like before it’s customized. With kids imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless. You can order them blank like this and we will include the parts and your child can create a puppet of their dream or you can order it pre assembled. The child would love it either way. Our puppets are the gift that keeps on giving ,
Call us to order yours . (706)592-8317