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A Great Day To Fly A Kite!

Today is a great day to be outside. Their is only one problem Rhoda and Ronda’s dad and mom want to fly kites however the wind isn’t blowing. This makes dad very sad. Rhoda knows a way to help but if she does will anyone know it’s her that is making the wind? Rhoda says to Rhoda,” can we treat mom and dad into flying kites today?” I’ll make the wind so we can fly our kites.” Ronda said,” that sounds like a great idea! I will have them focused on me and the kites and you make the wind.the day will be saved!” Mom called Ronda inside. Mom need Ronda’s help baking two of Dads favorite pies for dinner. “Rhoda’s it’s your turn to set the table and go shopping with mom.,”Ronda said. As the girls set out to handle their chores. Rhoda wondered to herself how could she make dad happy and fly kites today?Tune into tomorrow to find out how this will turn out!