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A New Years resolution

So New Year’s Day was on the horizon and Jose and Ronda want to make a New Year’s resolution but don’t know how so they wanted to ask Rhode for help. The just know that she would have all the answers they needed. Ronda begins,”hey sis New Year’s Eve is coming and we need some help figuring out what our New Years resolutions should be can you help us??” Rhode clears her throat and answers,”I can and I will! The first thing one of your goal should be is to find and give me money every time you get some;2 brush your teeth cuz your breath stinks,3 and Jose this is for you brush your hair and wash your hands cuz boy have you looked at a mirror lately! Hahahahaha!” “Wow Rhoda,”Ronda says out loud! That was very mean I’m going to tell mom on you as the two kids ran away. They could still hear Rhoda laughing in the distance. Book us for find out what there New Year’s resolutions really where.