Build A Puppet Workshop

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Book us for Build a puppet workshop. You supply the kids and we will supply the fun lol. At our workshops the children get to make their very own puppet. They not only get to bring the puppet to life but they get to learn behind the scenes of being a puppeteer. Book us now for your next event. Any time is the perfect time for a puppet work shop. Don’t delay call us today. (706) 592-8317

Kids take picture with our new Muppet Violet

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Meet Violet she is new to our family. This 2 foot muppet is children friendly. In fact the kids and adults can’t get enough of her. Book us for your next event and watch as the children light up with joy. Christmas, Easter,End of the year party, birthdays etc. Any time is a good time for a puppet show. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and book us NOW!! Spaces are limited . (706)592-8317

Easter Puppet Show

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Easter is almost here and what better way to celebrate the holiday than a puppet show. Find out the true meaning of Easter. So don’t delsy book us today and have a live action puppet show in the conveniency of your daycare or school. No permission slipts required because we bring the fun straight to you. Call us at (706) 592-8317 our operations are standing by. Thank you for calling.

Happy 4th of July

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Happy 4th of July from our family to yours. Remember for our freedom someone had to give up their’s. Thank you for all that served and or is currently serving. A special prayer goes out to all that lost someone who served. Armed forces, army, Marines, or Navy. God Bless

How It All Began!

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I will get my revenge not only you Windy but this whole city! So Windy told Rhoda that she was able to beat The Imposter by copying him and all of his moves. Rhoda was very sure that they could get the Job done. Ronda ask Rhoda was she sure they could take him down? Rhoda stood their with a look of unshakable faith that they could get the job done. When at that moment Ronda started laughing and laughing. It didn’t seem like her to laugh like that and when Rhoda took a closer look she saw it wasn’t Ronda at all it was The Imposter! Rhoda said what did you do with my sister! Never fear my dear she is safe. Windy was combing the city looking for Ronda. While Rhoda keep The Imposter talking. Using the Irdc that Rhoda had given her Windy was able to hear The Imposter and Rhoda Talk. Rhoda asked where did you get your powers from. Rhoda was hoping to get a clue to where he maybe hiding her sister. The Imposter tells the story of how he got his powers.