How It All Began!

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I will get my revenge not only you Windy but this whole city! So Windy told Rhoda that she was able to beat The Imposter by copying him and all of his moves. Rhoda was very sure that they could get the Job done. Ronda ask Rhoda was she sure they could take him down? Rhoda stood their with a look of unshakable faith that they could get the job done. When at that moment Ronda started laughing and laughing. It didn’t seem like her to laugh like that and when Rhoda took a closer look she saw it wasn’t Ronda at all it was The Imposter! Rhoda said what did you do with my sister! Never fear my dear she is safe. Windy was combing the city looking for Ronda. While Rhoda keep The Imposter talking. Using the Irdc that Rhoda had given her Windy was able to hear The Imposter and Rhoda Talk. Rhoda asked where did you get your powers from. Rhoda was hoping to get a clue to where he maybe hiding her sister. The Imposter tells the story of how he got his powers.

The Return Of The Imposter!

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So the training has gone well and the team has acted as one. All the people in the training room were saved and the monster was taken down. Now it’s time to find a place and a long range communications device or “lrcd” for short for Windy. Just incase the girls need to call her. But so after our superheroes parted ways for the night and everyone was home comfortable in their beds and alarm sounds. The girls spring out of bed to find a 3D Image on their room wall from Windy! She was warning them about the evil doer name the imposter. He has the power to pose as anyone so trust no one. So Rhoda calls an emergency meeting at headquarters! Rhoda wants to know more about this villain named the imposter! Windy explains that she fought him some time back and thought she had got rid of him for good but her sources tell her he’s back and looking for revenge!

New Alliances!!

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What a day this is turning out to be Rhoda and Ronda found a new friend. The family outing was going great. There kites were flying high in the sky. What a beautiful day! Windy the speedster ask them if they had a place to train? What kind of superhero team doesn’t have a place to train. So after Mom and Dad packed up the rest of the thing from the cookout. Rhoda ask Mom if Ronda and Windy could play just a little while longer? Mom said that would be fine but they would have to come home right after. So our heroes set off for training with their new friend and new addition to their team. Wow our team is growing. Rhoda said, “Ronda pretty soon we will need a superhero name!”


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Now that we know what she is now it’s time to find out is she a friend or foe.So Rhoda set a trap for her using a glass cage that she made from the sand and she placed it far from mom and dad. She then set the cookies inside it and waited to feel that gust of wind. All of a sudden she starts to feel the wind so Rhoda uses her frost breath on the sand making it very slippery and the girl slides right into the trap. Rhoda asks,”are you good or am I going to have to beat you up for taking our food and snacks?” The little girl says,”My name is Wandy aka windy as some may know me as. I was just very hungry and your mom make great sandwiches and cookies. Sorry if I caused any problems. Can you let me out now?” Rhoda sits and thinks for a moment then she calls Ronda over and explains everything to her and asks her what does she think they should do. Ronda says,” well if she want to be our friend then we should let her out. Windy only wanted something to eat.” Well Windy what will it be friends? Yes yes Windy said. I will be good and to show you that I would love to give you something special. So Rhoda let her out and Windy started to run around in a circle and when she was done there stood a tall glass statue of Rhoda and Ronda in their superhero uniforms! She wanted them to have it.

Where Did All Our Food Go?

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Everything seemed to be going well at the beach. The waves were high the sun was shining. Everything was just right which made Rhoda put Rhoda on her guard. Ronda was flying her kite with Dad and Mom prepare the food. When it was all do and Rhoda came out the water. Mom yelled,” shake a leg the food is ready!” The family sat down and began enjoying the food that made had made when a strong gust of wind blow pass and some of their food was gone. At first Mom thought that Dad was very hungry and was eating really fast. So Mom asked,”anyone want a light snack and just as Ronda said yes and mom started to pull out some cookies. It happened yet again,a strong gust of wind and the cookies where gone too! Now Rhoda knew something was going on so she decided to take a closer look using her Super vision. Rhoda ask mom to hand her some cookies and just then she saw It or should I said “her”. It was a girl running so fast you couldn’t see her all you could do was feel the wind after she was gone. So Rhoda told Ronda to keep mom and dad Busy while she tried to stop the speed racer! Tune in tomorrow to find out who this Super racer is.

Beach Time!

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Today when Rhoda wake up she was so happy. Mom and Dad where safe. The sun was shining and it seems like a great day to go to the beach. Rhoda and Ronda both agreed to ask Mom if they could go. So after a good breakfast and a quick brush of their teeth. They asked Mom if they all could go and Mom said,” today is a great day for a cookout on the beach.Girls get your things together. I’ll go get your Father ready and we will head out!” Yes said the girls as they ran into their room to make a check list of all the things that they would need to bring. Suntan lotion; beach ball, kites, towels, beach umbrellas, sand pales and shovels… oh yeah one last thing shades we can’t forget those!”,Ronda says. Mom yells from downstairs,”Come on girls let’s get this show on the road!” Dad had packed the car with all kinds of foods and snacks that they would love to eat on this fine day. All that was left was for the girls to get in and them go! So as the family head towards the beach on the beautifully sunny days Ronda turns to Rhoda and asks,”what if a bad guy shows up while we are out there what will we do?” Rhoda says don’t worry I will make sure we stay close to a changing booth where Mom and Dad can run for cover and we can kick some bad guy butt. Ronda says,”sounds good to me. Let’s have a great day!” Stay tuned to find out how these kids manage to have a good day at the beach!

One last Trick!

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What a day this is turning out to be. It was raining all night long and even into the morning. It’s so dark and cloudy and something doesn’t feel right. Rhoda asks Ronda,”when was the last time it rained like this?” Ronda says,”rain what rain?; all I can see is snow lots and lots of snow and don’t think we will be able to get out and play today.” That’s when Rhoda realized that someone was messing with their minds! This is what that call shade! Rhoda says loudly. Ronda listen to me stand very still and count backwards to ten and then jump very fast using your Super jump so we can make it out of this shade. The spell that our superheroes found themselves in was casted the Ringmaster. Just when they thought they had won he had one last trick up his sleeve. So now that our heroes have escaped the spell it was time to put away this bad guy for good this time! But when the found the Ringmaster he was already beaten. Seem like bit Ronda making it out of that spell he used the rest of his powers and it was all over. Now it was time to save their parents and oh yes all the other people this Carnival of chaos had captured. So once again the day is saved by our superheroes Rhoda and Ronda. Stay tuned to find out where their adventures will take them next!

The Day our Heroes Won!

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So today our heroes have to make a choice do the come out and say who they are or let everyone get taken. Ronda said,”Rhoda I’m scared what do we do?” Rhoda said,”don’t be scared believe in yourself and me. We can do this!” So Rhoda said with her megaphone voice. This was a new power by the way. She tells the villain who’s name was The Ring Master. Let’s take this where nobody will get hurt! So with a wave of his hand and his henchmen took all the people out the tent. It was time to see what our heroes are made of! Rhoda flow up to the top of the tent Ronda ran to the middle of the center ring where The Ring Master showed himself. Clowns came out of nowhere juggling with knifes and in small cars. Now our heroes were surrounded and out numbered and looking like it was all over before it began. Just then the top of the tent ripped off and our heroes friends showed up to help! The fight was grand. Ring Master uses the power darkness to hide behind Rhoda but as he tried to grab her Ronda shined light from her power belt and he fell to the ground where he was quickly tied up with the ropes. Now it’s time to take care of all the clowns fighting our heroes friends. One by one all the clowns went down. Now that all the villains were taken care of. It’s time to get them out of their and send them to safe place where could do no harm. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened to all the people at the circus.

The Day The Circus Came To Town!

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We made it!,yelled Rhoda. Mom asked,”so what do we do first; Monster Mountain,Snake Shake or Tumble Toni?” Dad says I’ll just stay in the car thank you very much.” I told you was a scaredy cat”,Rhoda said. Well I would love to get something to eat I’m so hungry Dad said. So off to get something to eat,grab a map and set off of a family fun adventure! All the ride in the park look so much fun. Some of the rides when up and down some went side to side. Some of the rides even went backwards. Some even had big drops and small drops. They had ride for big kids and even babies! This place has everything you could think of. They even had a giant pool. This is truly a wonderful place to be today. Mom and Dad did a great job picking this wonderful place. As the family was getting something to eat Ronda saw small circus. So Mom and Dad gathered all there things and headed for The circus. They had tigers and monkeys also elephants. Look Ronda said they have guys on motorcycles when the lights went out and a weird smoke started coming out from under everyone’s sits. Everyone started falling asleep. All but our heroes. A man on a loud speaker said I know you two are in here show yourselves or everyone will be my prisoner! Tune in tomorrow to find out why this is happening!

Haunted House Fun!

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Today was a very special day Mom and Dad are taking the girl to the amusement park and Rhoda can’t wait to go because she really love the Haunted house. She sang all the way to the park,”I just can’t wait to see how scared Ronda will be when the monsters come out to play lalalala dededede!” Ronda was excited too. She couldn’t wait to get the cotton candy and the funnel cakes with that tasty powder sugar that Ronda loves so much. Rhoda asked,”hey Ronda do you think we will be able to get Dad on any of the rides this time?” Hahaha Ronda laughed, No! You and I know Dad is a big ol scary cat.” “We are here!”Ronda yells out.”Let’s go!”, Rhoda screams as the family gets out the car. Tune in Monday! Have a blessed weekend everyone.