Augusta GeorgiaFundraiser

Donate Please to our Ministry

Thank you to all that have shared and liked our go Fund me page. We really appreciate it. With that being said sharing is great but we also need your support so please donate. We thank those who have donated and implore those who haven’t donated. Anything is appreciated. We are trying to get a building for our puppet ministry , we also need new puppets, puppet patterns and materials to make the puppets. If you can’t donate money we are accepting foam which is used in creating puppets and can be found at Michael’s craft or Joanns or hobby lobby. We also need wigs or weave hair for our puppets head, Gently used clothes sizes 6m to. 9 months for our puppets to wear. We need a sewing machine, threads for the machine in various colors. Thank you so much. God Bless. Thank you for your donations to our puppet ministry . Here is the link to Donate.