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Frozen Time!

Now that we have eaten and rested up can someone please tell me that we can leave now!”,Rhoda said. Ronda says,”this is a very nice ship but our mom and dad will miss us so now is a great time to head home. Time-Master adds,” by the time you two get home AFTER your training,it would have only been one afternoon earth time but up here it would be more like two weeks…give or take a day or two.” Rhoda said wow can you really do that Time Master?”” Well yes and no. Yes I can freeze time and turn back time but the ship is doing most of the hard work. You see we are moving so fast that time around us is moving very slowly.”, Time Master said. With that being said the girls began their training. At the end of their trainings both girls found that they had new powers and they could do so much more to help protect people.