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Haunted House Fun!

Today was a very special day Mom and Dad are taking the girl to the amusement park and Rhoda can’t wait to go because she really love the Haunted house. She sang all the way to the park,”I just can’t wait to see how scared Ronda will be when the monsters come out to play lalalala dededede!” Ronda was excited too. She couldn’t wait to get the cotton candy and the funnel cakes with that tasty powder sugar that Ronda loves so much. Rhoda asked,”hey Ronda do you think we will be able to get Dad on any of the rides this time?” Hahaha Ronda laughed, No! You and I know Dad is a big ol scary cat.” “We are here!”Ronda yells out.”Let’s go!”, Rhoda screams as the family gets out the car. Tune in Monday! Have a blessed weekend everyone.