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Im not sleepy!

One day after a long day of fun at the log cabin Rhoda asked mom for a cup of Hot chocolate which she loved after a day in the snow. Mom agreed and told Rhoda you can have it but only after dinner. Mom would say every night right before dinner,” ok guys listen up after dinner bath,teeth and bed ok!” But this night Rhoda wasn’t sleepy and she wanted to play all night. Mom when to see how the kids were and to give kiss for the night before she went in for the night. When she got to Rhoda and Ronda’s room the girls where up have a pillow fight! Mom being very shocked and surprised began to yell and demand the girls to laydown. Rhoda say,”but mom I’m not sleepy and Ronda wants to stay awake with me right Ronda. As Rhoda turn to see Why Ronda didn’t say anything she sees Ronda fast asleep. Book us to find out what happens next!