Augusta GeorgiaPuppet production

Lil Red From the Hood

We are having an off broadway play in June and we are looking for talent . If you or anyone you know likes to sing and dance than this is perfect because it’s a musical. We also need people to help with props for the scene changes. We also need youth for a dance scene.
1. Lil Red
2. Mema ( Lil Red mom)
3. Big Bad Wolf
4. Three little pigs ( 3 people can audition one for each pig)
5. Goldie Lox
6. Three little bears ( 3 people can audition one for each bear
7. Under study for each character
8. Under study for OG ( Lil Red grandma)
9. We need 2 girls and 2 boys ages 5-7 to be the angel in one of the scene .
For more details call or message us. Thx you.
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