Lil Red From The Hood

Calling all those who want to be on the big stage . Casting call for our next production “ Lil Red From The Hood” this is s retelling of Lil Red Ridding hood written by Jack Brunson. If you enjoyed How the Grinch Met Rhoda you will enjoy this one as well.  This production is for ages 13 and up. Parts to be casted are 

Lil Red ( must know how to sing for this part )

Goldie Lox 

Big Bad 

Three Pigs ( casting 3 different people )

Three Bears ( casting 3 different people )

OG ( Lil Red Grandma )

Mema ( Lil Red Mom)

Narrator ( must have s great speaking voice and great word pronunciation. 

Stage hands needed as well. 

If you’re interested send a head shot to Tara.brunson@gmail.com

Please note this is s full production with makeup and costumes & NO puppets are involved. 

Show will be in late March or early April . 

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