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Mom’s surprise!

Today was a very special day and Rhoda couldn’t wait to get her day started. Her mother promised her a very special gift but her would have to wait till she came home from school. Oh yes today was going to be a great day! All Rhoda had to do to get that gift was be a good girl all day at it would be hers all hers. Well when Rhoda got to school one of the kids in her class tried to bullying her and she told the teacher and went to recess. When at recess the same kid tried to take the ball she was playing with and ran away. Rhoda just let it go eat her lunch and carried on as if nothing had happened. What a good girl Rhoda is being she had that oh so special gift in the bag! She got home did her homework asked dad if she could help him set the table for dinner and if she could help with dinner. Oh what a helpful girl she is being. Rhoda really wanted that special gift. Well book us to find out what kind of gift her mom got her.