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One last Trick!

What a day this is turning out to be. It was raining all night long and even into the morning. It’s so dark and cloudy and something doesn’t feel right. Rhoda asks Ronda,”when was the last time it rained like this?” Ronda says,”rain what rain?; all I can see is snow lots and lots of snow and don’t think we will be able to get out and play today.” That’s when Rhoda realized that someone was messing with their minds! This is what that call shade! Rhoda says loudly. Ronda listen to me stand very still and count backwards to ten and then jump very fast using your Super jump so we can make it out of this shade. The spell that our superheroes found themselves in was casted the Ringmaster. Just when they thought they had won he had one last trick up his sleeve. So now that our heroes have escaped the spell it was time to put away this bad guy for good this time! But when the found the Ringmaster he was already beaten. Seem like bit Ronda making it out of that spell he used the rest of his powers and it was all over. Now it was time to save their parents and oh yes all the other people this Carnival of chaos had captured. So once again the day is saved by our superheroes Rhoda and Ronda. Stay tuned to find out where their adventures will take them next!