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One plus one is three??

So today at school wasn’t a great day for Rhoda. She had to learn something new and it was giving her trouble. Rhoda was learning math for the first time and it wasn’t as easy as some of her other subjects. It made her very upset because some of the kids were being very mean to her and hurting her feelings. So after class the teach asked that Rhoda stay behind so she could talk to her. The teacher told Rhoda that something’s take time to understand and that she had nothing to worry about. When Rhoda was at recess the kids began making fun of her. Rhoda knew what the teacher had told her and she tried explaining that to the kids but they just kept right on teasing her. When Rhoda got home she told her mom what happened at school. For the first time in a long time Rhoda was so upset she began to cry and her mother knew she had to do something. Book us today to help stop bullying.