Our story

We are a Christian based organisation, however we don’t force our beliefs on others and we would not tell a bible story without your permission unless you’re a Christian based organisation.
We respect your beliefs and we don’t discriminate against your race,colour or creed. We have two different types of shows.
1. Bible stories for churches,Christian schools and for those who are comfortable with us telling bible stories like Jonah and the fish,David and Goliath, Daniel in the lions den etc.
2. Retelling of Fairy tales. We use our creative licence to tell stories. Stories such as Pinocchio, three little pigs, Jack and the bean stalk. Just to name a few. What our stories have in common is they are moral based and very entertaining from begining to end. We engage our audience in song and dance. We help strengthen motor skills and finger dexterity. Teach Shapes, letters, colours and number recognition. Our shows increase social skills because it’s interactive. As a mother and teacher who homes schools I understand the importance of story time, I throughly enjoy narrating the story for each performance. My husband makes the puppets and stitches them with love. He enjoys being a puppeteer. His sence of humour and ability to use improvisation changes the dynamics of each show. I consider him a master puppeteer. Our creative kids who are are great at using their imaginations and creativity helps bring the story to life as junior puppeteers. We work well together and love what we do.