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Rhoda’s bad day!

One day Rhoda wake up and she wasn’t feeling well it made her feel very upset and she started taking it out on anyone that got in her way. Ronda asked Rhoda to pass her the milk and Rhoda yelled at her! Rhoda begins,”why can’t you just get yourself and leave me alone big head!” Mom says,”Rhoda that’s no way to take to your sister now tell her sorry now young lady!” Sorry Ronda…little girl!”Rhoda says under her breath. So now they are getting ready to get on the bus and now the bus driver ask all the kids to move in and start fill all the sits in the back of the bus. Rhoda tells Ronda she better not be talking to me. I sit wherever I want! “That not nice not to listen to the driver Rhoda”,Ronda says. Book us to find out if Rhoda’s day gets any better.