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Now that we know what she is now it’s time to find out is she a friend or foe.So Rhoda set a trap for her using a glass cage that she made from the sand and she placed it far from mom and dad. She then set the cookies inside it and waited to feel that gust of wind. All of a sudden she starts to feel the wind so Rhoda uses her frost breath on the sand making it very slippery and the girl slides right into the trap. Rhoda asks,”are you good or am I going to have to beat you up for taking our food and snacks?” The little girl says,”My name is Wandy aka windy as some may know me as. I was just very hungry and your mom make great sandwiches and cookies. Sorry if I caused any problems. Can you let me out now?” Rhoda sits and thinks for a moment then she calls Ronda over and explains everything to her and asks her what does she think they should do. Ronda says,” well if she want to be our friend then we should let her out. Windy only wanted something to eat.” Well Windy what will it be friends? Yes yes Windy said. I will be good and to show you that I would love to give you something special. So Rhoda let her out and Windy started to run around in a circle and when she was done there stood a tall glass statue of Rhoda and Ronda in their superhero uniforms! She wanted them to have it.