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Super Galactic Princesses !

Today Rhoda gets a new game and she is so happy she can’t wait to play. It was the new Super Galaxy Princesses and it’s her all time favorite Tv show turned into a game. After waiting all afternoon Rhoda’s mom and dad came home and told Rhoda that the store ran out of the game she wanted so she would have to wait another day to get it. Rhoda was so upset she ran into her room and started breaking things. Her mom walked very calmly to her door and said sweetie you should take a deep breath and try and be patients. The game will come tomorrow and the best part about that is it’s the weekend so you can play all day if you like. So that made Rhoda feel much better and she was able to relax and say sorry for getting out of control again. The next morning Rhoda wake up very early eager to get her game when Ronda said man I can’t wait for mommy to come home so I can play that new game! Stay tuned to find of what Rhoda does to Ronda and how much fun she thinks she will have with the new game Super Galactic Princesses!