A day at the beach

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A Day At The Beach!

Today when Rhoda wake up she was so happy. Mom and Dad where safe. The sun was shining and it seems like a great day to go to the beach. Rhoda and Ronda both agreed to ask Mom if they could go. So after a good breakfast and a quick brush of their teeth. They asked Mom if they all could go and Mom said,” today is a great day for a cookout on the beach.Girls get your things together. I’ll go get your Father ready and we will head out!” Yes said the girls as they ran into their room to make a check list of all the things that they would need to bring. Suntan lotion; beach ball, kites, towels, beach umbrellas, sand pales and shovels… oh yeah one last thing shades we can’t forget those!”,Ronda says. Mom yells from downstairs,”Come on girls let’s get this show on the road!” Dad had packed the car with all kinds of foods and snacks that they would love to eat on this fine day. All that was left was for the girls to get in and them go! So as the family head towards the beach on the beautifully sunny days Ronda turns to Rhoda and asks,”what if a bad guy shows up while we are out there what will we do?” Rhoda says don’t worry I will make sure we stay close to a changing booth where Mom and Dad can run for cover and we can kick some bad guy butt. Ronda says,”sounds good to me. Let’s have a great day!” Stay tuned to find out how these kids manage to have a good day at the beach!

The dark forest

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One day in the dark forest lived a wolf. Some called him big bad some called him Mister but all got out of his way. So Rhoda was tasked with bringing granny her afternoon goodies. Rhoda’s mom told her never go into the dark forest because of big bad. Go around it and all will be fine. Rhoda being the love able smart young lady that she is goes in to the dark forest just to save time,so she could get back to playing with her little sister and her friends. Book us to see what happened to Rhoda on her journey.

God’s Love is For Every One

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This puppet skit is about God’s love. God loves everyone, God sent his son Jesus to this world to die for us. God wants you to invite him into your life. I want you to repeat after me, I ask for forgiveness for all my sins, I accept Jesus into my life as my Lord and Savior, I believe he died for me, and he rose on the third day, what I say with my mouth I believe in my heart. Thank You Lord for a brand new start. Now you are saved. In this Skit Rhoda wants God to love only her. She doesn’t understand that his love is for everyone. Come with us on the journey of teaching Rhoda that God loves every one. God loves the believers and the non believers as well. It’s not his will that any should perish but have eternal life. Have you invited him in yet? If not what are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn’t promised so choose the lord Today.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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Meet private eye Jack. He’s on the case of a missing toy. ¬†Rhoda’s favorite doll is missing. The only problem is he isn’t a good detective. Let’s help him find the missing toy and return it to its rightful owner. Will Jack solve the case? Book us to see how the story ends. (706)592-8317

in this lesson we teach the importance of working together. Team work  makes the dream work. 2nd lesson is in life we make mistakes but you never give up, keep trying until you get it right.