Giant Valentine’s Day Lips?

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These giant valentine lips are a fun way to say I love you and gimme a kiss? These handcrafted lips are nothing like you’ve ever seen. Celebrate your love in style. Check out our new Etsy store MuppetsNpuppetsrus #godinspired #valentinesdaygift #hisandhergifts #thegiftthatkeepsongiving #couples #valentinesday #puppets #muppets #creative #gifts #giftsforhim #giftsforher #entertainment #uniquegifts #jackbrunson #tarabrunson #muppetsnpuppetsrus

Build a Puppet

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End the school year with a bang. Book us for Build a puppet workshop. You supply the kids and we will supply the fun lol. At our workshops the children get to make their very own puppet. They not only get to bring the puppet to life but they get to learn behind the scenes of being a puppeteer. Book us now for your next event. Any time is the perfect time for a puppet work shop. Don’t delay call us today. (706) 592-8317

Im not sleepy!

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One day after a long day of fun at the log cabin Rhoda asked mom for a cup of Hot chocolate which she loved after a day in the snow. Mom agreed and told Rhoda you can have it but only after dinner. Mom would say every night right before dinner,” ok guys listen up after dinner bath,teeth and bed ok!” But this night Rhoda wasn’t sleepy and she wanted to play all night. Mom when to see how the kids were and to give kiss for the night before she went in for the night. When she got to Rhoda and Ronda’s room the girls where up have a pillow fight! Mom being very shocked and surprised began to yell and demand the girls to laydown. Rhoda say,”but mom I’m not sleepy and Ronda wants to stay awake with me right Ronda. As Rhoda turn to see Why Ronda didn’t say anything she sees Ronda fast asleep. Book us to find out what happens next!

Rhoda gets a Lesson in Manners

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In life we must not allow everything to get us to turn up or get so upset we forget who or whose we are. As ambassadors of Christ we must represent him at all times and let our light shine. So we can hear “Well done my good and faithful servant”. Rhoda can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Come with us on the journey to teaching her manners and to think first and react after. Book is to see how the story ends. (706)592-8317image

Book us for your next event

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Meet Rhoda and Jax. They have exciting and wonderful stories they want to tell. We will trave to you and perform. Don’t delay book us today. Church, day cares, school, birthday parties and more. Augusta Georgia, Atlanta Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other surrounding areas.