Team Work makes the Dream Work

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Jack and Jill need to finish a task but there are so many obstacles trying to stop them from succeeding. Do you have a dream? If so are you chasing that dream or did you let it die? In this skit Jack realised that there is power in prayer but is afraid that his friends […]

Donate Please to our Ministry

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Thank you to all that have shared and liked our go Fund me page. We really appreciate it. With that being said sharing is great but we also need your support so please donate. We thank those who have donated and implore those who haven’t donated. Anything is appreciated. We are trying to get a […]

Building Fund

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B&B Puppet Theatre Ministries is having a fundraiser so we can reach more youth and save more lives. We will take our puppets into the hospitals, prison, parks and recreation centers. Our outreach ministry will also reach youth in South Carolina, North Carolina, Aiken, Florida, Atlanta and North Augusta but we can’t do it without […]

The dark forest

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One day in the dark forest lived a wolf. Some called him big bad some called him Mister but all got out of his way. So Rhoda was tasked with bringing granny her afternoon goodies. Rhoda’s mom told her never go into the dark forest because of big bad. Go around it and all will […]