Lil Red From The Hood

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Auditions this Saturday at Kingdom Full Gospel @2 to 5pm. 2420 Norfolk street. Augusta Ga, 30906 Pastors Greg and Shelly Garrison
(706) 592-8317
Come join us.
Parts left to be casted
Big bad wolf
2 of the 3 little pigs( 1 pig has been taken
2 of the 3 little bears ( 1 bear has been taken.
Goldie Locs
4 angels ( 2 boys and 2 girls ages 5-7
Call for more information.

You are Known by the Fruit you Bear

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Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Eating unhealthy foods like junk food and candy will cause you to gain weight and it can also rot your teeth. When you eat fruits you are giving your body the nutrients it needs which will give you a longer life span. Just like fruits are good for your natural body fruits are good for your spiritual body too . The fruit of the spirit is love,joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness,and self control. (Galatians 5:22) so what are you eating? In this skit we teach every day practices on making sure you are not allowing your fruit to rot. When you don’t allow the situation to cause you to step out of character that’s good fruit. When you allow the situation to get you to turn up that’s rotten fruit.
Let your light shine and you change the situation. In this walk we must be like a chameleon and adapt to the situation.

There is Power in Prayer

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Jack and Jill need to finish a task but there are so many obstacles trying to stop them from succeeding. Do you have a dream? If so are you chasing that dream or did you let it die? In this skit Jack realised that there is power in prayer but is afraid that his friends will make fun of him if he believes in God. Jesus said “we are the light of the world” so will Jack hide his light or let it burn real bright? So go write that book, buy that house or start that new business. With God all things are possible.

Build a Puppet

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End the school year with a bang. Book us for Build a puppet workshop. You supply the kids and we will supply the fun lol. At our workshops the children get to make their very own puppet. They not only get to bring the puppet to life but they get to learn behind the scenes of being a puppeteer. Book us now for your next event. Any time is the perfect time for a puppet work shop. Don’t delay call us today. (706) 592-8317

Easter Puppet Show

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Easter is almost here and what better way to celebrate the holiday than a puppet show. Find out the true meaning of Easter. So don’t delsy book us today and have a live action puppet show in the conveniency of your daycare or school. No permission slipts required because we bring the fun straight to you. Call us at (706) 592-8317 our operations are standing by. Thank you for calling.

One last Trick!

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What a day this is turning out to be. It was raining all night long and even into the morning. It’s so dark and cloudy and something doesn’t feel right. Rhoda asks Ronda,”when was the last time it rained like this?” Ronda says,”rain what rain?; all I can see is snow lots and lots of snow and don’t think we will be able to get out and play today.” That’s when Rhoda realized that someone was messing with their minds! This is what that call shade! Rhoda says loudly. Ronda listen to me stand very still and count backwards to ten and then jump very fast using your Super jump so we can make it out of this shade. The spell that our superheroes found themselves in was casted the Ringmaster. Just when they thought they had won he had one last trick up his sleeve. So now that our heroes have escaped the spell it was time to put away this bad guy for good this time! But when the found the Ringmaster he was already beaten. Seem like bit Ronda making it out of that spell he used the rest of his powers and it was all over. Now it was time to save their parents and oh yes all the other people this Carnival of chaos had captured. So once again the day is saved by our superheroes Rhoda and Ronda. Stay tuned to find out where their adventures will take them next!

The Day our Heroes Won!

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So today our heroes have to make a choice do the come out and say who they are or let everyone get taken. Ronda said,”Rhoda I’m scared what do we do?” Rhoda said,”don’t be scared believe in yourself and me. We can do this!” So Rhoda said with her megaphone voice. This was a new power by the way. She tells the villain who’s name was The Ring Master. Let’s take this where nobody will get hurt! So with a wave of his hand and his henchmen took all the people out the tent. It was time to see what our heroes are made of! Rhoda flow up to the top of the tent Ronda ran to the middle of the center ring where The Ring Master showed himself. Clowns came out of nowhere juggling with knifes and in small cars. Now our heroes were surrounded and out numbered and looking like it was all over before it began. Just then the top of the tent ripped off and our heroes friends showed up to help! The fight was grand. Ring Master uses the power darkness to hide behind Rhoda but as he tried to grab her Ronda shined light from her power belt and he fell to the ground where he was quickly tied up with the ropes. Now it’s time to take care of all the clowns fighting our heroes friends. One by one all the clowns went down. Now that all the villains were taken care of. It’s time to get them out of their and send them to safe place where could do no harm. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened to all the people at the circus.