Big Bad Wolf

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Meet Big Bad. He’s the type of wolf that will huff and puff and blow your house down if you are not careful lol. He’s about 22 inches measured from head to tail. He is completely hand sewn with attention to the smallest of details. Big Bad is ready to be bought by someone like you. $99

Forgiveness Brings Life

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Rhonda is always taking Rhoda’s stuff and she’s sick of it. Rhoda can’t wait until her sister comes from school so she can give her a piece of her mind. It seems like the right thing to do said Rhoda. I don’t care if I hurt her feelings. In this lesson Rhoda will learn to think before she speaks . Join us to see how the story goes.

Evil Doers Beware

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So the training has gone well and the team has acted as one. All the people in the training room were saved and the monster was taken down. Now it’s time to find a place and a long range communications device or “lrcd” for short for Windy. Just incase the girls need to call her. But so after our superheroes parted ways for the night and everyone was home comfortable in their beds and alarm sounds. The girls spring out of bed to find a 3D Image on their room wall from Windy! She was warning them about the evil doer name the imposter. He has the power to pose as anyone so trust no one. So Rhoda calls an emergency meeting at headquarters! Rhoda wants to know more about this villain named the imposter! Windy explains that she fought him some time back and thought she had got rid of him for good but her sources tell her he’s back and looking for revenge!

A day at the beach

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A Day At The Beach!

Today when Rhoda wake up she was so happy. Mom and Dad where safe. The sun was shining and it seems like a great day to go to the beach. Rhoda and Ronda both agreed to ask Mom if they could go. So after a good breakfast and a quick brush of their teeth. They asked Mom if they all could go and Mom said,” today is a great day for a cookout on the beach.Girls get your things together. I’ll go get your Father ready and we will head out!” Yes said the girls as they ran into their room to make a check list of all the things that they would need to bring. Suntan lotion; beach ball, kites, towels, beach umbrellas, sand pales and shovels… oh yeah one last thing shades we can’t forget those!”,Ronda says. Mom yells from downstairs,”Come on girls let’s get this show on the road!” Dad had packed the car with all kinds of foods and snacks that they would love to eat on this fine day. All that was left was for the girls to get in and them go! So as the family head towards the beach on the beautifully sunny days Ronda turns to Rhoda and asks,”what if a bad guy shows up while we are out there what will we do?” Rhoda says don’t worry I will make sure we stay close to a changing booth where Mom and Dad can run for cover and we can kick some bad guy butt. Ronda says,”sounds good to me. Let’s have a great day!” Stay tuned to find out how these kids manage to have a good day at the beach!

Princess Spa Party

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Celebrate your princess birthday in style with our princess birthday package. The birthday girl will receive a tutu, a tiara, princess wand and a princess hand puppet inside of our cute princess themed gift bag. The birthday girl can customise her puppet by adding hair and facial features. You can even have all the kids at the party build a puppet as well. Some of the activities include face painting, magic acts, balloon animals and an interactive 30 min puppet show. Don’t delay book us today. Give her a party she won’t forget.

Im not sleepy!

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One day after a long day of fun at the log cabin Rhoda asked mom for a cup of Hot chocolate which she loved after a day in the snow. Mom agreed and told Rhoda you can have it but only after dinner. Mom would say every night right before dinner,” ok guys listen up after dinner bath,teeth and bed ok!” But this night Rhoda wasn’t sleepy and she wanted to play all night. Mom when to see how the kids were and to give kiss for the night before she went in for the night. When she got to Rhoda and Ronda’s room the girls where up have a pillow fight! Mom being very shocked and surprised began to yell and demand the girls to laydown. Rhoda say,”but mom I’m not sleepy and Ronda wants to stay awake with me right Ronda. As Rhoda turn to see Why Ronda didn’t say anything she sees Ronda fast asleep. Book us to find out what happens next!

Do the right thing

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Rhonda is shy and very sneaky. Rhoda’s favorite toy turns up missing. Is Rhonda behind the missing toy? It’s very important not to take things that don’t belong to you. In life we will see things that we want and may not be able to get it so the only option is to take it. Taking something doesn’t makes it free because the price you pay is your freedom. Come with us on the journey of teaching Rhonda not to take things that don’t belong to you.

Happy birthday Mother!

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So today Rhoda, Ronda and her dad where driving to the store to pick up mom’s birthday cake. When they got in the store Rhoda saw a giant cookie in the shape of a princess hat. Rhoda said,”Dad we just have to get that one for mom,she would love it!” Dad said,” No… we need to get her favorite type of cake, a strawberry shortcake.”what is strawberry shortcake and why would she like that asked Rhoda?” Ronda the younger sister said strawberries are moms favorite and everyone know it!Rhoda began to yell well I like chocolate, why can’t we get a chocolate cake with strawberries on it?, and that cake won’t be short!”
Book us to find out how moms birthday cake gets picked.