Vendors it’s money making time

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Looking for vendors who want to make money selling their products. Our production company is having an Event titled “ Lil Red From The Hood” on Sunday May 31 . Set up 3 :45 pm . You will have access to our exclusive clientele that will be attendance and at your disposal. This Indoor event will be in North Augusta and will have over 300 people in attendance. Only a few spots left so If you’re interested in reserving your spot and attending this event message us for the early bird promotion . All you gotta do is the 4S’s
1 Sign up ?✏️
2 Show up?✈️
3 Set up??
4 Sell ??

Build a Puppet Bundle Pack

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Why buy just one? When a bundle is 10 times the fun. Build a Puppet Kit is fun for the whole family and best part is it’s inexpensive. When you bundle you save $150 PLUS we offer free shipping. Can’t wrap gifts ? not a problem we will even wrap it for you for FREE. Build a Puppet is great for ??
*Family fun
*Sunday school
*Bible study
*Birthday parties
*Homeschool projects
*Rainy Day
*During school break
*Or when your kids are harassing you because they are board
Or perhaps you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet don’t fret you can knock out 10 gifts all at once ??
This build a Puppet Kit includes
(10)blank puppet canvas
(10)sets of eyes
(2)Med temp glue gun
(1) pack of glue sticks(10 glue sticks per pack)
So don’t delay get them today!!

Im not sleepy!

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One day after a long day of fun at the log cabin Rhoda asked mom for a cup of Hot chocolate which she loved after a day in the snow. Mom agreed and told Rhoda you can have it but only after dinner. Mom would say every night right before dinner,” ok guys listen up after dinner bath,teeth and bed ok!” But this night Rhoda wasn’t sleepy and she wanted to play all night. Mom when to see how the kids were and to give kiss for the night before she went in for the night. When she got to Rhoda and Ronda’s room the girls where up have a pillow fight! Mom being very shocked and surprised began to yell and demand the girls to laydown. Rhoda say,”but mom I’m not sleepy and Ronda wants to stay awake with me right Ronda. As Rhoda turn to see Why Ronda didn’t say anything she sees Ronda fast asleep. Book us to find out what happens next!

Do The Right Thing

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Doing what feels good vs doing what’s right. God has a special task he needs Jonah to do. But Jonah decided he doesn’t want to listen, he wanted to do his own thing and have fun. Doing wrong always comes with a price and the question is are you willing to pay? We have the ability to do what’s right. God calls us into righteousness. Good and evil, right and wrong is before you. Which path will you choose ? The path of evil leads to destruction . I encourage you to choose right path. Will Jonah realize his mistake and do the right thing or will he continue to rebel? Book us to see the journey of Jonah from rebellious to rightouness.

Happy birthday Mother!

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So today Rhoda, Ronda and her dad where driving to the store to pick up mom’s birthday cake. When they got in the store Rhoda saw a giant cookie in the shape of a princess hat. Rhoda said,”Dad we just have to get that one for mom,she would love it!” Dad said,” No… we need to get her favorite type of cake, a strawberry shortcake.”what is strawberry shortcake and why would she like that asked Rhoda?” Ronda the younger sister said strawberries are moms favorite and everyone know it!Rhoda began to yell well I like chocolate, why can’t we get a chocolate cake with strawberries on it?, and that cake won’t be short!”
Book us to find out how moms birthday cake gets picked.

The power of faith

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One morning Ronda while having breakfast with Rhoda says,”I really hope I have a great day. It looks like it may rain and that’s a bummer.” Rhoda said to her just pray and have faith that the sun will shine. So Ronda got on the school bus and said to her friend Jose,” I sure hope we don’t get a pop quiz from Mrs.Tara today. Jose looked at Ronda and said” just have faith that if she does give us a pop quiz you’ll pass because you’re a great student and God will be there for you.” Well the day goes on and it’s now lunch time and Ronda seeing Rhoda playing with patty and Jose and she wants to play with them also. Ronda says out loud I sure hope someone will play with me and then she puts her head down. She then heard a word from the Lord and he said,”oh ye of little faith all you have to do is ask of me and it shall be done.”Book us to find out what else the Lord has for our lives.

From nasty to nice

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Well as most stories go it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining, the birds were singing and all was well. There in the mist of the meadow lives a cow named patty,she was eaten as she often does on the great supply of grass that she thanks God for every day and for the beautiful place that she gets to live at. She was very happy living on this great meadow but their was a farm hand who took care of this land and he had a daughter that he would bring with him from time to time and her name was Rhoda. Rhoda like to play game and bully patty and call her name which made patty very sad. Book us today to find out how Rhoda learns to stop bullying.

A surprise breakfast

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One day Rhoda wake up to the sun shining and the trees swaying in the cool breese of the morning. when all of a sudden she hears a loud bang in the kitchen so she jumped up and ran to see what was going on when she found Ronda trying to cook pancakes by herself. Rhoda tells her she can’t do that without the help of mom, dad or herself. It was nice that you want to surprise everyone, but if you get hurt everyone will be very sad. So Ronda and Rhoda started to cook breakfast for the family as a good surprise for mom and dads anniversary. Book us to find out how everything turns out!