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The Day our Heroes Won!

So today our heroes have to make a choice do the come out and say who they are or let everyone get taken. Ronda said,”Rhoda I’m scared what do we do?” Rhoda said,”don’t be scared believe in yourself and me. We can do this!” So Rhoda said with her megaphone voice. This was a new power by the way. She tells the villain who’s name was The Ring Master. Let’s take this where nobody will get hurt! So with a wave of his hand and his henchmen took all the people out the tent. It was time to see what our heroes are made of! Rhoda flow up to the top of the tent Ronda ran to the middle of the center ring where The Ring Master showed himself. Clowns came out of nowhere juggling with knifes and in small cars. Now our heroes were surrounded and out numbered and looking like it was all over before it began. Just then the top of the tent ripped off and our heroes friends showed up to help! The fight was grand. Ring Master uses the power darkness to hide behind Rhoda but as he tried to grab her Ronda shined light from her power belt and he fell to the ground where he was quickly tied up with the ropes. Now it’s time to take care of all the clowns fighting our heroes friends. One by one all the clowns went down. Now that all the villains were taken care of. It’s time to get them out of their and send them to safe place where could do no harm. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened to all the people at the circus.