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The day Rhoda wake up!

One day Ronda ran into her Mom and Dads room excited because Rhoda looks like she trying to wake up. Rhoda was in a deep deep sleep. Mom ran into her room sat down by her bed and began to try waking her up. Rhoda wakes very slowly and asked her mother if everything is ok and is she mad at her about her Super powers? Rhoda’s mom says,”baby what are you talking about Super powers, what Super powers?” Rhoda says that her and Ronda where superheroes and how they had been saving the day for months now. Mom explains that Rhoda was very sick and that the doctors where unsure when she was going to wake up but it was only a few days. That’s why Ronda ran and got her because it looked like you was trying to wake up. We sat around your bed and prayed for you to be ok. Rhoda was still a little fuzzy in her head and wonder how she got sick in the first place. Ronda walks into the room and mom says”, I’ll just just you guys a chance to catch up.” Rhoda ask,”Ronda how did I get sick?” Stay tuned to find out what happened to Rhoda.