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The Day The Circus Came To Town!

We made it!,yelled Rhoda. Mom asked,”so what do we do first; Monster Mountain,Snake Shake or Tumble Toni?” Dad says I’ll just stay in the car thank you very much.” I told you was a scaredy cat”,Rhoda said. Well I would love to get something to eat I’m so hungry Dad said. So off to get something to eat,grab a map and set off of a family fun adventure! All the ride in the park look so much fun. Some of the rides when up and down some went side to side. Some of the rides even went backwards. Some even had big drops and small drops. They had ride for big kids and even babies! This place has everything you could think of. They even had a giant pool. This is truly a wonderful place to be today. Mom and Dad did a great job picking this wonderful place. As the family was getting something to eat Ronda saw small circus. So Mom and Dad gathered all there things and headed for The circus. They had tigers and monkeys also elephants. Look Ronda said they have guys on motorcycles when the lights went out and a weird smoke started coming out from under everyone’s sits. Everyone started falling asleep. All but our heroes. A man on a loud speaker said I know you two are in here show yourselves or everyone will be my prisoner! Tune in tomorrow to find out why this is happening!