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The power of a good day!

Today was a beautiful day the air was just so sweet and the trees where just fine and time for Rhoda’s parents to take Rhoda and Ronda up into the hot air balloon. So the family is standing on line when Ronda’s eyes start to glow blue and she starts to fly just a little but just enough for Rhoda to notice. Rhoda grabbed hand and said,”GIRL WHAT YOU DOING!”in a loud whispering voice. Ronda looked down and saw that she was floating. “Rhoda I’m just so happy I didn’t even know I was doing that sorry.” “Good thing mom and dad didn’t see you doing that!”,Rhoda replied. So now that’s it our turn Rhoda is so nervous she start to shake so hard that her hands vibrate straight through the hot air balloon basket! Ronda looks at Rhoda and tells her to clam down everything will be fine. So as the balloon goes up into the air just as Ronda said everything was fine and it was so much fun. That is truly the power of a good day!