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The power of faith

One morning Ronda while having breakfast with Rhoda says,”I really hope I have a great day. It looks like it may rain and that’s a bummer.” Rhoda said to her just pray and have faith that the sun will shine. So Ronda got on the school bus and said to her friend Jose,” I sure hope we don’t get a pop quiz from Mrs.Tara today. Jose looked at Ronda and said” just have faith that if she does give us a pop quiz you’ll pass because you’re a great student and God will be there for you.” Well the day goes on and it’s now lunch time and Ronda seeing Rhoda playing with patty and Jose and she wants to play with them also. Ronda says out loud I sure hope someone will play with me and then she puts her head down. She then heard a word from the Lord and he said,”oh ye of little faith all you have to do is ask of me and it shall be done.”Book us to find out what else the Lord has for our lives.