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The Storm Before The Play!

So Ronda call her dad outside to see how much the winds changed. “Hey Dad now we can fly our kites!”, said Ronda. Rhoda was so excited that Dad was happy that she started to blow to hard and a storm began to happen! Ronda ran to help clam Rhoda down and to stop the storm from blowing the house down. Dad was sad again so Mom said we could play games inside instead. This made Dad very happy. So everyone got games to play and so the family played games all day and that night after dinner the family sat around the tv and watched movies till bed time. Now that the family has had their time for play. Bath time fun then bed. Rhoda has fun making swirls of little bubbles like small clouds in the water when mom call five minutes to bed. Rhoda’s turn come and she has fun make the water float out of the tub and into the air. She takes a floating bath which makes her very happy as Mom calls out two minutes girls. The girls head for bed after kissing Mom and Dad goodnight. What a great day and night their family had. Stay tuned to see all the adventures to come.