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Well today Rhoda and Ronda find out that they are from a different earth. Why are our superheroes here,how did they get here? Rhoda and Ronda have so many questions that need answers. “Where to start?”, mom says. “Well one day I was sitting on the porch waiting for my pies to cool for dads dinner when I saw a big flash of light and a woman carrying two beautiful baby girls appeared and explained how our world needed heroes to one day save it from distraction! She told me that she could see into the future and into different worlds. when she saw ours she knew we needed to be saved. She said that when the time was right you two would work together and know what to do!”,said Mom. Rhoda said, “Saving the world, two earths…wow that’s a lot to understand so for now we will just keep on fighting to save the people we love!”