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When asking why just isn’t enough!

One day Rhoda was eating breakfast and wondered to herself why the sky was blue and why roses were red so she asked her mom and her mom said,” I don’t know sweetie just eat your breakfast and go to school we have a long day ahead of us baby. So when Rhoda made it to school she saw the bricks in the corner and it happened again she began to wonder why the were red so she asked her teacher and she said,”that was the only color that the teacher store sold but next time she’ll get the blue ones if that would make you happy. That would be fine said Rhoda. The day moves on and now it lunchtime and all the kids are eating and talking and having fun when out of the blue Rhoda saw some kids playing a game of tag and wondered why no one picked her to play so she asked one of the kids and they said you where inside eat when we chose people to play and the the ran off to continue playing there game. Book us to find out if Rhoda find what she’s looking for when asking why all the time.