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Where Did All Our Food Go?

Everything seemed to be going well at the beach. The waves were high the sun was shining. Everything was just right which made Rhoda put Rhoda on her guard. Ronda was flying her kite with Dad and Mom prepare the food. When it was all do and Rhoda came out the water. Mom yelled,” shake a leg the food is ready!” The family sat down and began enjoying the food that made had made when a strong gust of wind blow pass and some of their food was gone. At first Mom thought that Dad was very hungry and was eating really fast. So Mom asked,”anyone want a light snack and just as Ronda said yes and mom started to pull out some cookies. It happened yet again,a strong gust of wind and the cookies where gone too! Now Rhoda knew something was going on so she decided to take a closer look using her Super vision. Rhoda ask mom to hand her some cookies and just then she saw It or should I said “her”. It was a girl running so fast you couldn’t see her all you could do was feel the wind after she was gone. So Rhoda told Ronda to keep mom and dad Busy while she tried to stop the speed racer! Tune in tomorrow to find out who this Super racer is.